Individual counseling: There are issues that seem too private to share to anyone because of their sensitive nature. Therapy is the ideal place to explore these issues with an objective counselor as your sounding board. Individual counseling encourages self exploration, and helps clients develop self-awareness. You don’t have to suffer alone; help is never too far away.

Couples counseling: If marriage partners get the sense that their marriage is in a difficult place, therapy is one of the safest avenues to explore the underlying issues, to express any dissatisfaction within the marriage and to discuss possible courses of action. The therapist facilitates the communication process which is primarily driven by the clients allowing for them to come to the decisions that work best for them.

Group therapy: It is easy to get the feeling that you are the only one suffering through a particular experience. However, it does not have to be the case. Group therapy brings together individuals navigating similar situations, allows them to air their issues and views within a safe space that is free of judgment, while allowing them the privilege of being supported by others like them who are going through similar circumstances.

Navigating Teenage Hood

Throughout the different stages of development, individuals often have a need that they want met within that particular stage. Children in their teens often ask themselves the following questions: “Who am I?” “What makes me different/unique from other people?” “Do I really matter?” Without the proper support, it is very easy for a teenager to lose themselves, to develop self-doubt, or to even develop low self esteem. This support group is tailored to the needs of the teenager- grouping them with people like themselves navigating a similar stage of development; and allowing them to share their teenage experiences.