Workplace Trainings

Designed to increase self-awareness and offer practical techniques for personal and professional growth. Each training lasts approximately 60 minutes. These trainings are scheduled through company supervisors or human resources to be presented at the workplace. Organizational work units may request training and development programs from EAP. Work units may request
the design and delivery of a specialized training and development program, or may select an existing module. General process steps to guide EAP intervention with regard to training and development programs are as follows;

1. Organizational and needs analysis
2. Data analysis – interpretation
3. Criteria development
4. Design of instructional objectives and training content
5. Validity analysis
6. Selection of a fitting training or experimental design
7. Delivery of training program
8. Training evaluation

Some of the training topics include; Team Building, Communication Skills, Diversity, Sexual Harassment, Workplace Violence, Substance Abuse (Drugs & Alcohol), Conflict Resolution, Effectively Managing Change, Resilience Training, Stress management, Life skills, People skills.

Training options for Supervisors and Managers

Addressing Conflict, Building Positive Relationships at Work, managing a Decentralized Team: Multiple Locations and Various Schedules, Managing Under Pressure: Making Decisions and Communicating, Sexual Harassment Prevention in the Workplace: Basic Overview & Compliance, Using Teamwork to Promote Success & Productivity.

Creating awareness of Mental Health Disorders

Anxiety disorders, Bipolar disorder, Depression, Eating disorders, Children – ADHD, Autism Stress/post-traumatic stress, Substance abuse, Suicide.

Trauma Response Service

In the event your organization experiences a serious traumatic event, a trained response team is available. We provide on-site intervention by a senior counselor with special expertise in dealing with traumatic events. HCM has trained counselors, grief and trauma specialists, and team members certified in critical incident stress management ready to respond should your personnel experience a traumatic situation at work. Counselors are trained to consult and triage with management during a critical situation.

Health Workshops

Offering blood pressure, weight and BMI screenings, Health education and health promotion and Referral to clinical, disease and wellness programs.